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  • 2011-2012 online news archive which provides a chronological history of our Clifden Road campaign through the eyes of the media.  Many of the online articles also have comment threads, which give a sense of the local debate that took place during that period.
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2021 News:

June 2021 - New Peterborough Catholic school unanimously approved


2020 News:

March 2020 - First new exclusive school since St.Richard Reynolds given the go-ahead in Peterborough 


2015 News:


4th Nov 2015: RISC Update - Latest news on local school admissions and some national news too


5th May 2015: RISC Update - Kingston primary sets a precedent, and a pre-election look at party policy on faith admissions


2014 News:


29th Sep 2014: Press Release - Academy conversion predicted, despite fight for Voluntary Aided status


14th Mar 2014: RISC's perspective on the Turing House School deferral


9th Mar 2014: RISC Update - Secondary place offers; finding the views of candidates in May Council elections; a message of support from a local Pastor.....


7th Feb 2014: RISC Update - Making inclusive schools an issue in the Council elections, latest local primary and secondary school news, and some national news too.


2013 News:


6th Dec 2013: RISC Update - No response so far from local church primaries to our recent communication. News about new local primaries and secondaries, as well as new research published by the Fair Admissions Campaign.


19th Sep 2013: RISC Update - Celebration of new Catholic schools: social cohesion & equal opportunities??


1st Sep 2013: RISC Press Release : Major new report on faith-based discrimination in primary school admissions


31st Aug 2013: RISC Update - Major new report into primary admissions


6th June 2013: RISC Update - Launch of the Fair Admissions Campaign, analysis of the Primary School offer data, an appeal to local church schools by Vince Cable, and more ...


6th June 2013: Press Release - Fair Admissions Campaign launched


6th May 2013: Press Release - Sacred Heart sibling issue.


6th May 2013: RISC Update - fact check confirms Council's Education brochure made misleading claim.


22 Apr 2013: RISC Update - Reaction to last week's Primary offers, new data and analysis on Secondary Offers, the latest on changes to St. Stephen's admissions policy, and more ...


22 Apr 2013: RISC's Analysis of the 2013 Secondary School Offer Data.


29 Mar 2013: Council's education leaflet criticised in the local press


26 Mar 2013: RISC Press Release - St. Stephen's CE School Admissions change


22 Mar 2013: David Laws response to Guardian letter


11 Mar 2013: RISC accepts invitation to speak at LibDems Spring Conference - will other parties follow?


11 Mar 2013: RISC's response to the Richmond College Consultation, which includes plans for a new 11-16 Secondary School.


10 Mar 2013: RISC Update - News from National Offer Day, plans for new local schools, our recent trip to the House of Lords, and the latest information on school place planning.


05 Mar 2013: Press Release - RISC responds to the Council's press release on the initial allocation of Secondary offers for 2013.


28 Feb 2013: RISC at the House of Lords


28 Feb 2013: Freedom of Information response reveals forecast doesn't exist