Our history:

Richmond Inclusive Schools Campaign (RISC) began in April 2011 in response to Richmond Council’s plan to prioritise  a new Voluntary Aided Catholic secondary school, with an exclusive admissions policy, at a time of growing concern over a shortage of good quality secondary school places. The school would occupy a prime site in the heart of the Borough, and be effectively closed to the 90% of local children whose parents aren’t Catholic.

Despite a major campaign by RISC, including a petition supported by over 3300 local residents and a High Court hearing, the combined power of the Council leadership, Catholic Church, local Catholic parents, and the Department for Education eventually won this “David and Goliath” contest. St Richard Reynolds High School, with its discriminatory admissions policy, opened in central Twickenham in September 2013.

You can read a full history of the Clifden Road Campaign here.

We continue to hold the council to account for the consequences of their decision.  Our initial campaign united a large number of people, from many different backgrounds, who are determined to work towards religious inclusivity in local schools, and its legacy is represented in Our Aims for the future.