No new schools with as highly exclusive admissions policies as St.Richard Reynolds had been given the go-ahead until 2020, when a new Catholic Voluntary Aided junior school was approved by Peterborough Council. Here's the BBC report.

The reason for the long delay was that the government refused to relax the rule that new Free Schools/academies - the default type of new school - were not allowed to select more than 50% of their pupils on the basis of faith (if they were over-subcribed). This cap was unacceptable to the Catholic Education Service (CES), which therefore refused to open any new schools on that basis. And they knew from the experience in Richmond how difficult it was to open a new school with a Voluntary Aided structure (the structure of St.Richard Reynolds, which allows up to 100% faith-based selection).

Eventually the government bowed to pressure from the CES and changed the rules to make it easier to open a new Voluntary Aided school. Hence approval by the local council for a new school in Peterborough, despite local opposition.