Questions about RISC

  1. Who is leading RISC?

    RISC is led by a Core Team of local people, including Jeremy Rodell (Chair), Natalie Raja (Secretary), Stephen Hyett (Treasurer), Julie Courtis, James Heather, David Klein, Gaurav Mathur, plus a number of other local volunteers.


  2. How many supporters does RISC have?

    3300 local people signed RISC’s 2011 petition to Richmond Council, asking for all future new local schools to have religiously inclusive admissions policies.  RISC has many hundreds of supporters on its mailing list, plus others on Facebook and Twitter.


  3. Is RISC against faith schools?

    No. RISC is only against discriminatory admissions to faith schools, not the schools themselves. See our Policies for more details.

    We strongly opposed the establishment of St.Richard Reynolds Catholic secondary school in Twickenham as its admissions policy effectively excludes all children of non-Catholics unless the school has spare places to fill. On the other hand, we did not oppose St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School, Hampton, which has a fully inclusive admissions policy. Both schools open in September 2013.


  4. RISC and the British Humanist Association (BHA) were joint claimants in a High Court case in 2012 against Richmond Council.  Is RISC a humanist campaign?

    No, RISC is not a “humanist campaign”. Although it was started back in April 2011 by local humanists, it rapidly grew to include people from a wide range of belief backgrounds, including Catholics.

    Most of RISC's core team don't identify themselves as humanists, and the same applies to the great majority of RISC supporters.

    The BHA became involved in RISC's 2012 legal action against Richmond Council because of the national significance of the outcome. Despite losing the case, RISC are grateful to the BHA, because without their financial input, the legal challenge would not have been possible.

    Both RISC and the BHA support inclusive admissions, but there is a significant policy difference: unlike RISC, the BHA is opposed to state-funding of faith schools in principle.

    RISC’s formal supporter at a national level is not the BHA, but the Accord Coalition, chaired by Rabbi Jonathan Romain.

    RISC is a local campaign, 100% controlled by its core team, not by the BHA, Accord or anyone else.

  5. I read that RISC had to contribute many thousands of pounds towards the Council’s legal costs following the 2012 High Court case. Where did all the money come from?

    Every penny was down to the generosity of a large number of RISC supporters, who either sent donations directly to RISC or contributed via our JustGiving page, where you can still read their many comments.